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At Mountain Island Storage, we know you might have a variety of things to store. Whether you’re moving your house and need the largest storage space possible or have an overcrowded garage and need to free up some space, we have the right solution to your problems. Choose from our six different storage unit sizes. In addition to normal storage spaces, we also provide outdoor parking spaces to accommodate any extra vehicles that may be taking up too much room in your driveway.


What It’s Like: Closet
What It Fits: Small Furniture, Boxes

What It’s Like: Walk-In Closet
What It Fits: Studio Apartment


What It’s Like: Average Bedroom
What It Fits:One-Bedroom apartment

What It’s Like: Master Bedroom
What It Fits: Two or Three Bedroom Home


What It’s Like: One-Car Garage
What It Fits: Small House

What It’s Like: Large One-Car Garage
What It Fits: Three to Four Bedroom Home

For more information on our services and storage unit sizes, feel free to contact our office at 704-449-0502.We can also provide pricing and availability.